About Cavco In-Neighborhood.

Now more than ever home builders are addressing home design and construction that American families can afford. Homes with features that build value, provide comfort, yield pride, and give a family housing security.

What we do

Cavco In-Neighborhood is about “lifestyle housing” developed by Cavco, but also speaks to the energy Cavco In Neighborhood brings to each development partnership. We partner on developments that focus on the entry-level, affordable housing niche with seemingly unlimited demand. Cavo In-Neighborhood leverages Cavco’s experience and capabilities to maximize the delivery of neighborhoods that working Americans can afford. Perfect partnerships are designed for:

Land Lease Communities

Cavco In-Neighborhood started with communities and understands your needs for a targeted product and superior co-development programs.

Subdivision Developers

Cavco In-Neighborhood elevation designs and high-value construction complement land use and subdivision layouts. We help you minimize capital requirements while still maximizing the results and returns.

Urban Development

Cavco In-Neighborhood provides the flexibility to re-populate neighborhoods with homes that fit seamlessly. This will attract new residents while enhancing the value of the neighboring homes.

Affordable Housing Assistance Programs

Cavco In-Neighborhood recognizes the collective need for accessible housing solutions for families, the workforce, and those in need. Cavco In-Neighborhood partners with agencies and non-profit organizations to maximize these results.

Pop-up Community Clusters

Independent investors/developers are keen on new concepts of housing, like cluster developments of smaller homes with like-minded families and a new definition of community. The flexibility of Cavco In-Neighborhood provides these innovative developers with a knowledgeable partner.


Cavco In Neighborhood is focused on affordable housing. It is our basic tenet and germinates for all our housing products. In traditional neighborhoods or avant-garde lifestyles, the partner with the long view is Cavco In Neighborhood.

Partner with us

With Cavco In Neighborhood, you have a partner with abundant experience in delivering well-built, high-value, affordable housing. The current and foreseeable focus on affordable housing, with overwhelming demand, is bringing single-family housing development as an immediate strategic direction.

Fast track your development and affordable housing efforts NOW.

About Cavco

As a family of home builders and home service companies, Cavco Industries is a leading builder of manufactured homes, modular homes, park model RVs, commercial buildings, and vacation cabins in the United States. We build and sell the most widely recognized brand names in the industry. Our manufactured homes, modular homes, cabins, and park model RVs are precision built in controlled indoor environments at an attractive value and within shorter completion times than on-site construction methods. Our homes are available to the public through independent local dealers and company-owned retail model centers across the country. We customize styles and specifications for the exclusive use of land/lease communities, subdivision developers, resort properties, and workforce housing.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Cavco has built a reputation for quality, value, and service since it was founded in 1965. Publicly traded on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (symbol CVCO), we have a commitment to our stockholders, our associates, and our home buyers to provide quality housing and exceptional service.